Sunday, October 27, 2013


This autumn has been one of the loveliest I've experienced in the PNW in a long time.  It's allowed us to enjoy the activities we love so much.  We recently visited Mt. View Orchard in Hood River Oregon for a Swiss-German festival.  The moment we arrived you could smell the sweetness of the apples basking in the sun, and the sound of yodeling.  Being in a valley it made it easy to imagine what it must be like to visit Switzerland.  We listened to some traditional songs, saw some traditional dances, and ate some delicious food.  After our bellies were content we took to the fields.  We walked along row after row of what would seem like endless apple trees. Cecilia enjoyed at least four fresh picked apples.  I tasted one apple from a Fuji tree and you could almost taste the rays of sunshine.  All I could think of was how thankful I am for my family, its' roots, and how great God's love is for us to make life this wondrous.