Sunday, April 27, 2014


"you likes waves didn't ya mommy"

I've never used a photo from a week prior but with preparing for our move to Juneau I ran out of time.  So to make up for it I will share some tidbits on things you said and did this week.

This week you asked me to "Hold you"?  I was (unfortunately) busy and said I would in just a moment.   To which you replied "This is unfair and unjust"!

Tonight is our last night in what has been our home for the last 2 years.  So we are cuddling on the couch watching one of your favorite movies Charlotte's Web.  I look forward to family movie nights in the very near future. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Little Garden


My favorite local seamstress Brianne owner of Fleur + Dot has recently announced their latest venture The Little Garden Studio.  What once was a bus depot in the heart of downtown Vancouver is now a thriving little garden for children to enjoy with furred and winged friends.  Stations placed throughout the garden encourage children to create and imagine.


The Little Garden Studio will soon be offering classes for families, and encourages you to use their space for picnics and play.  I would LOVE nothing more than to see this business thrive so please support local and lets show Portland that Vancouver can be great too!  

Hope to see you there sometime soon!!

108 E 7th street
Vancouver, WA. 98660
(Between Main and Broadway) 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

My husband has never been able to experience Easter with us since Cecilia was born.  This year he finally got to.  So in honor of our first time celebrating together here is a college of Easters past.  I hope you all have a great holiday and God bless.

16/52 A Portrait A Week

The beach is like a muddy puddle on steroids 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hippie Hill and The Ginger Movement

A couple days ago I jumped on Facebook and saw that one of my Favorite artists Orla Gartland was going to be busking at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.  I couldn't believe my luck!  I always miss opportunities like these by a day early or a day late, but not this time.

Orla was every bit as amazing live as she is in her recordings and youtube videos.  This is not common in all artists.  I've seen many that sound much better on their albums than in person.  Some hide behind reverb, or the several hundred takes it took to get the perfect one.  But the body, texture and clarity of her voice was so distinct not even a barking dog in the park could cancel it out.

Cecilia loves listening to Orla.  In fact Orla was the first song I ever heard her sing in it's entirety (well that is until the Frozen soundtrack came out).  She has her latest EP on her playtime playlist.  I've caught her singing in her room to "Roots" as loud as she can but just as I start to record her she catches me and begins to act all goofy.  Little bugger. 

It was wonderful the way Orla interacted with her fans.  She stood and greeted each one, even if they arrived late.  She answered questions, took requests, and was extremely accessible.   Cecilia was tickled  when Orla gave her a high five.  It was the topic of conversation just as soon as we got home.

What made the experience at Hippie Hill all the more memorable was the company we enjoyed while there.  We met some new friends, and reconnected with some old ones.  About a year ago we met the kindest family while playing at a park in Petaluma.  Cecilia played with their little one for only a short while, but they all left lasting impressions on our hearts.  We exchanged information and hoped one day we would get to see one another again.  A year later and the girls picked up right where they left off.
These two could not be more alike even if they tried

While the girls played the Mommies visited over the picnic lunch.  Our relationship seems to mirror that of our little ones.  We have so many similarities it's uncanny.  Overall it was just an enchanting afternoon and extremely therapeutic. 

Little One.  Isn't she Stunning!!
Don't let the girlie exterior fool you, these girls know how to have fun.  Only thing that would have made the day More Epic would have been Muddy Puddles!

 Living the coastie life you can start to loose faith in friendship, and the possibility of making them long lasting.  Today strengthened that faith, and the kindness of strangers.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Cheers Daddy

We are in California visiting Daddy again.  After he cooked us a delicious dinner he decided we should go out for ice cream.  Cecilia usually does this with her MeMaw & DeDad back home, and every time they do she orders the same flavor "Daiquiri Ice".  A flavor I approve of since it is the cleanest!  This time she ordered something VERY different.  As we exited the car she spotted a giant sign revealing Baskin Robbins newest flavor promoting Spiderman 2.  She had to have it!  I'm happy to see her trying something new but oh man…… what a mess!

This doesn't even begin to show the messiness this dainty mouth encountered.  Afterward her teeth, tongue, and lips were BLACK!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

15/52 A Portrait A Week

"Mommy I love this bear. He's so sweet"

A beautiful bear carved out of a redwood.