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Missed but not forgotten: Shirley Temple

I was terribly sad to hear the news of Shirley Temples' passing this Monday.  I like so many have grown up watching her films.  My Grandma Cece who passed away two years ago brought up my cousins and I on Shirley Temple.  My first Shirley film was Heidi and I played that VHS till the tape warped. Now as a Mother I've shared that same collection of VHS with my little one, and her favorite is Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.  Sharing Shirley's films with my Cecilia is like taking my her to visit my Grandma.  I'm so thankful for Shirley's career and how it influenced my childhood, and continues to influence that of my child's.  She will be missed but not forgotten.

Please join me in celebrating the life of a wonderful woman by sharing your favorite Shirley movie, or memory in the comments below.

Granny Tyl: Every time you think of us, we wake up and see you again.

Mytyl: But we thought you were dead.

Granny Tyl: No, dear. Only when we're forgotten.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Imagine how much cooler I'll be in summer

 In the photo on the left Cecilia is saying "I like warm hugs".  Love my little snow bunny!
I first saw this on Pinterest and made a mental note to give it a go when the opportunity presented itself.  While my Olaf isn't spot on, it was good enough for my little one to recognize him.  Frozen was the first movie to fully captivate her in theaters, so I was happy to bring a little piece of it to life for her.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Ever since Cecilia was a baby she has stuck out her pinkie finger when doing anything with her hands. It's sweet to see that at 3 years old she still does this.