Thursday, July 30, 2015

Elsie's Essentials: Carseat Canopies

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week Carseat Canopy is running a special promotion.  These are great for those brisk AM sprints to the car, or cool evening walks.  I have seen many Alaska moms with carseat canopies and they are a must have!  This is a fantastic gift for yourself or for a friend who is expecting.   As a thank you to my readers here is a special promo code to apply at checkout:  "2302BD5E4"

This is a great deal seeing as they cost $49.95 and the code will take off $50!!!!
All you pay for is shipping.   

This is the style I ordered for Elsie called "Hayden"

Follow this link to find yours:

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Elsie's Essentials: Nursing Necklaces & The Vintage Honey Shop

When my first daughter Cecilia was born 5 years ago I had a very challenging time breast feeding.  At full term she only weighed 4lbs 12oz.  I would feed her, supplement, then pump, and repeat.  She wasn't gaining the weight she needed to and I didn't have the support to push through those first few months, and eventually gave up.  With that said, I have been very determined to be successful this time around with Elsie.  One month down and we are doing great!  Juneau Alaska is very breast feeding friendly with lots of great resources.  

One of my recent finds is this great company called The Vintage Honey Shop out of Nashville Tennessee.  They sell lovely handmade teething and nursing necklaces.

Even the packaging is charming!

These necklaces are beautiful creations that make you feel pretty while giving baby something to hold onto instead of pinching or pulling at themselves or you!  The satin ribbon makes it fully adjustable for teething, baby wearing, or nursing.  I love this company and I am so happy to have found them.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pretty Eyed, Pirate Smile

Cecilia got invited to a Pirate themed birthday party last week.  Unfortunately we didn't have a pirate costume for her to wear so I whipped this little number up from some scrap jersey knit fabric I had lying around.  With the addition of a pirate hat purchase from Joann's, I think it turned out rather well for winging it!  What's most important is that she felt like a pirate, and was excited to wear it…. so…. I'd say mission accomplished.

We put together a treasure chest full of loot for the birthday girl!

By the end of the party she looked a bit like Keith Richards 

However when it was time to go… she was not at all happy.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Last Day Of Preschool (Year One)

I had come across this photo idea on Pinterest a while back and could not wait to try it out with Cecilia.  I am so happy we gave it a try, and I look forward to making it a tradition.

I remember as a kid always celebrating the last day of school with some sort of fun activity.  Since the weather has been superb we decided to bust out the new paddling pool!

Her best "pool buddy"

May: Our First Juneau Spring

It's our first spring in Juneau and we've been experiencing warmer and sunnier weather than expected.  The temperature has ranged anywhere from 62-74 degrees!!!  It's days like these that make Juneau a possible "forever home" contender.  It is simply breath taking.

Sandy Beach on Douglas

Exploring with friends at the Shrine of St. Therese

A Tour of Elsie's Nursery

When it comes to children's rooms I love mixing patterns, texture, pastels, and vibrant colors.  I wanted to create a unique space for Elsie while having similar elements of her sister Cecilia's room.  At some point their rooms will inevitably merge so finding pieces that worked well together, that they could grow with was very important.

Artwork is where I begin to feel inspired to decorate a child's space, and Emily Winfield Martin is my go to artist.  She is located out of Portland Oregon, my hometown, and I absolutely love EVERYTHING about her work!  From the nostalgic themes to color choices; they are perfect for the overall vibe I shoot for. 

Cecilia has a similar piece of art that says "you're the bee's knees"

 I hope you enjoyed the tour of Elsie's room.  If you have any questions about items in the room I'd be happy to answer them.

For a peek at Cecilia's room go HERE  and for an update of her bed go HERE