Friday, June 13, 2014

So Long San Francisco - Farewell Ashland

It was bitter sweet saying our final goodbye to the bay area.  Driving over the Golden Gate bridge on that final night was momentous. So many times we'd traveled here with the end of our GeoBatch separation in the distant future; but this time the end was here.  There had been a light rain just before our crossing.  The air was cool and salty in the lamplight.  I'm glad we got to say goodbye in a very fitting, quite, poetic way…. like a kiss goodnight.  

Ashland Sweet Ashland

We've had a wonderful long distance affair with Ashland, in particular Lithia Park, for a while now.  Every time we would visit or pass through, I would think of my husband and how I wish he could enjoy this enchanting town with us.  Well my wish finally came true.

Looking for fish with Daddy

After so much driving and hard play it was time to eat.  We took Brandon to dine at our favorite restaurant in town.

My favorite dish.  Cashew chicken w/rice and a lemongrass margarita.

Loves of my life

After dinner we buckled up and continued our trek home.  While I will miss many of the towns we've become so familiar with during our trips, I am looking forward to this new chapter in Alaska with my family.  But for now, I am just happy to be back home in Vancouver before we say goodbye to here too.

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