Saturday, August 2, 2014

Growing Pains

Everyday that passes Alaska feels more and more like home.  Part of making it feel like home is reaching out and making new connections.  We recently joined up with a group called the Juneau Outdoor Family Network.  A perfect solution for moms who like to get outdoors with their kiddos but find safety in numbers.  

Since becoming a mother I find myself going outside my comfort zone to help Cecilia grow socially and to allow her the opportunity to make those connections with other children.  Whenever we are out and about she will strike up a conversation with another Little.  It usually goes something like this:

Cecilia: "Hi, what's your name"?
Little: "Alyssa".
Cecilia: " Oh that's a good name! My name's Cecilia".

 I never thought I would learn so much through watching her.  Everyone could stand to learn a few things from their children.  Cecilia has taught me to be a better listener, to watch what I say, say what I mean, to be patient, present, kind, and forgiving.

She learns how high she can climb, and I learn how long I can stand and watch.

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