Sunday, July 26, 2015

Elsie's Essentials: Nursing Necklaces & The Vintage Honey Shop

When my first daughter Cecilia was born 5 years ago I had a very challenging time breast feeding.  At full term she only weighed 4lbs 12oz.  I would feed her, supplement, then pump, and repeat.  She wasn't gaining the weight she needed to and I didn't have the support to push through those first few months, and eventually gave up.  With that said, I have been very determined to be successful this time around with Elsie.  One month down and we are doing great!  Juneau Alaska is very breast feeding friendly with lots of great resources.  

One of my recent finds is this great company called The Vintage Honey Shop out of Nashville Tennessee.  They sell lovely handmade teething and nursing necklaces.

Even the packaging is charming!

These necklaces are beautiful creations that make you feel pretty while giving baby something to hold onto instead of pinching or pulling at themselves or you!  The satin ribbon makes it fully adjustable for teething, baby wearing, or nursing.  I love this company and I am so happy to have found them.

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