Friday, August 9, 2013

Clark County Fair

Today my Mother in Law and I took Cecilia to the Clark County Fair.  It's her second time attending, and one of the activities of summer I look forward to the most.  As modernized as they've become there are elements of their vintage past.  

Cecilia has been asking to go "See the animals" on the regular!  I have to admit I love seeing them just as much as she does.

Hard to top a pink Sheep

"Hi Goat, Nice to meet you! I'm Celia"

Some of you may be wondering what that is on my child's back.  It is a harness, and while they have a bad rap I swear by it.  I don't use it all the time but in a crazy place such as the fair; I feel it to be necessary.  My child is Super independent and doesn't like to hold hands.  While it can be hard to hear the comments in passing, I just tell myself "You won't be seeing my child on an Amber Alert anytime soon".

"Hear Dat? Let's go see da Cows"

My Grandma Cece (whom my daughter is named for) once told me about her childhood growing up in Tillamook Oregon.  She was the oldest of 6 born to Swiss immigrants.  She told me that most of the people who lived in their part of town were all Swiss dairy farmers.  After milking their own cows (a chore she despised) she would walk to school and could hear the farmers in the fields yodeling to their cattle.   So while some may find visiting the cow barn to be a bit boring, I find it as a glimpse of my family's heritage and humble beginnings.  

Cecilia loves bunnies.  This sweet girl was kind and patient enough to let Cecilia pet him.  A memory I'm sure she won't soon forget.

Cecilia and her MeMaw

I'm so grateful to be able to raise my family in the United States, a luxury not all are born with.  I am thankful to my Great Grandparents (on both sides) who were immigrants; if not for their bravery and hope for a better life, I would not have the privilege to call myself an American.  

Cecilia calls lemonade "LaDaDeed"

4th time this year riding a horse

Now that smile right there could warm my heart all through the winter

As expensive as fairs can be nowadays, the memories created are truly priceless.  

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