Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Darling Farms


Today my Husband and I set out to find a farm where we could take our daughter to pick her own food.  We feel that if she participates in the Farm to Fork process, she enjoys her food more.  
collecting Tripple Crown berries, a brier-less bush.

Onto the Carrot Patch

Kody Darling was on the property and was incredibly helpful, full of knowledge and kindness.  Cecilia can be very timid, especially in a new environment with new faces; but not with Kody.  She even exchanged smiles and some friendly chatter.

Cecilia patting Daddy on the back as they observe some corn

Time to clean our finds
Kody showing Cecilia how to clean carrots
"Me Try, Me Try"

Time to pay
Our family walked away with some beautiful produce, and what will be a lifetime of memories.  Thank you Darling Family for creating such a warm and welcoming place for families to learn more about where food comes from.... and all the love that is put into its' growth.

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