Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy 4th!!!

I'm sure she's dreaming of "FireFerks"

This 4th of July was the first one we've ever spent together as a family and I loved every minute of it.  We started out the day at the pool with our close Coastie friends.  There's nothing my little one likes more than the pool.  When the sun goes down the town of Foster City gathers at the waterfront for fireworks.  Our friends staked out a great spot on a pedestrian bridge just a few blocks from their place. I loved hearing Cecilia call out "Happy Birthday America".  She would also name the colors that appeared in the sky to her Daddy.  2 1/2 is a magical age.  For that reason alone, I did not take many pictures.  I wanted to live in the moment with my family.  I hope you all did the same.  I'd love to hear how you all spent the 4th, and share some of your family traditions.

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