Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Adventures in Zombieland

We've been to a few bases in our Coast Guard career, and in each one we've encountered what we like to call Zombieland.  This is due to most Coast Guard bases once being previously owned by other branches.  I like to walk around and imagine how the base looked when it was at max capacity in the 1940's.  In the old Novato housing there are beautiful sycamore trees that shade the bones of what once must have been well tended gardens.  Lovely multicolored tile that frame the doorways of spanish style homes that overlook the California countryside.  Handcrafted porch lights that resemble metal flames, and large bay windows for the late afternoon sun.  It's such a shame to see them boarded up, and unoccupied.  These quite streets are the perfect place to explore and pretend with my little one.  Plenty of space to run, and ride bikes.  I hope that one day when she is older, she will remember our little adventures in Zombieland, and have an appreciation for the things that once were, as much as I do.

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