Saturday, July 19, 2014

Project: House to Home (Cecilia's Room)

As you can imagine moving can be very difficult.  Well try and endure that while being 3.  My little has been a very brave girl, so the moment our things arrived we got started on getting her room in order.  

Daddy putting up wall decals
I got these decals from Zulily for $30
She was so happy to see her keys

Her globe lamp night light
I think the happy face on the chalkboard means she likes her new room
The view from her bedroom window.  She got these window decals from her friend in California.
The couch sits right under that sunny sill with the butterflies.  It's a great place to read books.
This tree stands alone on a wall between her door and closet.  I saved a few more branches as her collection grows.

When Cecilia is happy, we're happy.  It is so nice to know she loves her new home and her room.  We hope you liked the mini tour.