Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Tour of Elsie's Nursery

When it comes to children's rooms I love mixing patterns, texture, pastels, and vibrant colors.  I wanted to create a unique space for Elsie while having similar elements of her sister Cecilia's room.  At some point their rooms will inevitably merge so finding pieces that worked well together, that they could grow with was very important.

Artwork is where I begin to feel inspired to decorate a child's space, and Emily Winfield Martin is my go to artist.  She is located out of Portland Oregon, my hometown, and I absolutely love EVERYTHING about her work!  From the nostalgic themes to color choices; they are perfect for the overall vibe I shoot for. 

Cecilia has a similar piece of art that says "you're the bee's knees"

 I hope you enjoyed the tour of Elsie's room.  If you have any questions about items in the room I'd be happy to answer them.

For a peek at Cecilia's room go HERE  and for an update of her bed go HERE

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