Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bi-Zi Farms: Furry Friends and Sunshine Snacks

Bi-Zi Farms has always been one of our favorite places to visit in Vancouver WA.  They have beautiful  produce, u-pick flowers, friendly staff, and sweet animals.  In the Fall they host a Harvest Festival that is inexpensive and full of fun activities.

Leave it to Cecilia to find the ONE puddle with water still in it

I cannot believe how much she has grown.  I love seeing what she gravitates to, and selecting her own snack.

Bi-Zi Farms carries some of the BEST Honey.

Off to feed the animals
Hello Mr. Donkey

He loves me

Cecilia adores animals.  I try to take her to interact with them whenever We have the opportunity.  I hope she will always maintain this interest.

There is nothing quite like enjoying some sunshine with your little one, and eating a snack that nature helped prepare.  It is in these moments I feel closest to God.  When I get to sit and admire all of his work, including her.

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