Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Juneau's Rock Dump. A Designated Play Zone!

Ever since moving to Juneau I've really been struggling to find some new play spots for Cecilia.  Back home we would visit our favorite libraries, farms, and playgrounds.  Getting assimilated to a new area can be a REAL challenge; especially when you have such a high regard for the little play spots you left back home.

Today ….. However…..

Was one step closer to making Juneau feel more like home.

Baby Avery taking notes on how the big kids climb
We were invited to check out Juneau's Rock Dump with a friend from Cecilia's school.  It's a great place for children to play indoors and adults to visit among friends.  They host a FREE Toddler Time Tuesday-Thursday from 10-1!  But in all honesty I would gladly pay to play here.  I was so happy to see how child and parent friendly it was.  Soft padded floors for kids, and no real blind spots for adults trying to keep an eye on their little ones while letting them independently test their skill set.  If you live in Juneau or are planning to visit, I would highly recommend paying them a visit.

Cecilia and her dear friend Gavin enjoying a snack together
Room to Run
Rock Gazing… One day I have no doubt they'll reach the top

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