Thursday, March 5, 2015

Winter to Spring break, and a lot in between

As some of my readers might have noticed Thisway Thataway has been on a bit of a break.  Well with the holidays, getting used to a new town, meeting new people, and some exciting news…. We've just been a little preoccupied.

Moving to a new city/state; can bring about new challenges as you adapt to your new home.  We've all tried our best to acclimate and find things that we enjoy.  I must admit this move has been particularly hard for me.  I've made some great new friends, but have yet to nurture any creative outlets; blogging being one of them.  So I'm hoping to change all that.

So for the big new!  Baby #2 is on the way!!! Expected June 2015.  Cecilia couldn't be more excited for her new little sister.  So you can expect that I'll be posting a lot more photos of the nursery, among other things as we get closer.

Thank you all for continuing to stop by.  I look forward to bringing you some new content =)

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