Sunday, March 8, 2015

Raise 'em on Rhythm and Blues (Hozier at the Crystal Ballroom)

I have been a Hozier fan for a while now and I've featured his music on my blog a couple of times.  Just before we moved to Alaska I had noticed that Hozier was going to be touring to the Portland area.  I was so bummed I wouldn't be able to attend.  It's not like people tour to Juneau.  

As luck would have it, my husband got orders to go to leadership school and suggested Cecilia and I go home to be with family while he would be gone.  This put us in town the same time as Hozier's tour.  

Hozier had started popping up all over the place, which meant that tickets had long since sold out, hard to come by, and expensive!  I was tempted to just hang out at the venue and hopefully catch a song or two.  After all I'm a Band-aide not a Groupie.  

I asked my sister Gabrielle if she'd be interested in hanging out at the venue, minus tickets, for a girls night out.  I've never had the opportunity to hang out with my sister as adults without my kiddo in tow; we are separated by 8 years.  So the date was set! Tickets or no tickets!

Days before the show one of Gabrielle's friends had posted that he was selling his tickets, so needless to say we jumped at the opportunity.

 I had such a wonderful time enjoying a FANTASTIC show, and great company. 

We were fortunate enough to make our way to what would be considered 3rd row for general admission.  I couldn't believe I was able to stand as long as I did at over 5 months pregnant.  So unbelievably worth it though.  It turns out that my baby's eardrums had formed a week before the show, and would be able to hear my voice as well as others.  So I will be able to tell baby Elsie that technically her first concert was Hozier.

Overall it was a really fun night, and for anyone who's on the fence about seeing Hozier live I highly recommend you do it.  No matter the size of the venue.  He is that good!!!!!

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