Monday, August 10, 2015

Cecilia and Elsie's Shared Room

While trolling pinterest I came across this photo of a darling shared girls bedroom.  I have been thinking for a while about having my girls share a room, especially since I was having some anxieties about Elsie being in a crib in a room by herself.  So I decided to finally pull the trigger.  

I am constantly battling the mess that can occur in Cecilia's room; so by giving my girls a designated play space I am hoping it will help eliminate some of the clutter.  I will post photos of that room at a later date.  With that said, let the tour begin.

Cecilia's corner

Cecilia's linens are a mix of Martha Stewart, Target, West Elm and pillow from Dot & Bo
My little traveling girl reading some Lately Lily in her "sunny spot".

Cecilia's deer that sit in her sill.  I love having these little trinkets on display.  They are a daily reminder of the things she is interested in.  It's fun to see where she places them…. sometimes she'll arrange them as though they are having a conversation.

 My Mother found this adorable antique bassinet that is just perfect for housing all of the girls lovies. 

Cecilia's artwork from The Black Apple
She is also very much into the solar system…. Thanks Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Found this gem at Fred Meyer on sale! $30!!!  I think it's the perfect piece to marry the two halves of the room.

I used the flat sheet from Cecilia's Martha Stewart linens for the bedskirt. 
Elsie's artwork
I made Elsie's mobile from two crystal dragonflies from a local boutique here in Juneau called Trove.  

More little trinkets from our travels

 I really love the end result and so does Cecilia.  My only wish is that I had more tree decals to continue around the rest of that back wall.  I'm sure the room will continue to evolve as they play and grow together.
I just love my girls

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