Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunshine, DIPAC And Kookamunga's

We have recently been experiencing some fantastic summer weather here in Juneau Alaska; so when the rain lets up we do our best to take advantage.  The salmon are running and there is no better place to observe their migration than the hatchery.  Cecilia loves to go to the ladder.

Those are not ripples you see in the water….. Those are salmon!

When Cecilia had her fill of fish it was time for some of Juneau's best donuts at Kookamunga's.  They are open only on the weekends and they make them short order; hot and fresh!  

The owner is a very kind man, who enjoys sharing his love of donuts with others.  Last sunday when we went he told Cecilia if she sang him part of a Taylor Swift song she'd get her order for free.  It's people like him and businesses like his, that make Juneau a special little town to raise a family in.  

Bite sized bliss with many different toppings to choose from.  Cecilia's favorite is vanilla with fairy sprinkles.

This is the stuff Memories are made of.

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