Monday, March 31, 2014


I promised Cecilia we would do a project today, so I set her up with some glittery paint and a canvas, and I hopped on the computer to see if I could find one for myself.  I follow a blog called Under The Sycamore and found this great idea for a responsibility chart.  After all at 3 1/2 she can do many things on her own (with supervision of course) and I want to establish it as more of a routine. Here is the link to the DIY project:

They made their chart for a family of 5 so here is my version for 1:
A thin piece of plywood 

I love Martha Stewart's craft paint.  I used a standard paint brush to paint the ends of these clothes pins.

I suppose you could use just one color for your pins, but I loved this combo so much I chose to do four.
Sharpie has these new watercolor pens and they're Wonderful. Super fine tip, and drys just as fast as their regular pens.


Here is the end result and I couldn't be more pleased!  I chose to write Honey-Do on mine but you could put the name of your child or the initials of multiple children.  The idea is when your child completes their task the clothes pin moves from the top of the chart to the bottom (or the other way around depending on preference).  I feel the possibilities are endless….. Plus I have a lot more clothes pins!

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