Monday, March 10, 2014

Rainy day fun

As a mom in the Pacific North West, you have to get creative for those inevitable rainy days.  There are a bunch of places to play on the Oregon side that are indoors but I don't always like to venture that way due to traffic coming back to Washington.  In my search to find more indoor local Free Play I came across one of the best Libraries EVER!   At the Downtown Vancouver Library is an entire floor dedicated to children.  LED lights adorn the floor leading your little one to various fun activity zones.  

There are these amazing interactive sculptures for the children to play in.  They are infused with all kinds of treasures for any little explorer to find.  From constellations, and the alphabet, to a global map made up of coins.  Each country is made up of it's currency!  Crazy Cool right?!?! 

This is one of my favorite books to read to Cecilia.  Back when I was a Nanny in Seattle, I would read this to the kids and they loved it!  It's about a little boy who ventures into space to save his best friend, a stuffed animal named Horsie.  It's a sweet story that holds a lot of sentiment for me.  I love those kids and it warms my heart to read it to my little one.

There is a wheel that's attached to a giant chain wrapped around gears that when pulled rotates this giant fan, blowing around these colorful raindrops.

This is by far Cecilia's favorite thing to do at the Library.  These gears and sprockets are magnetic and allow your child to try their hand at engineering.  There is a magnetic wall they go on, but my little trail blazer places them on a table that makes it easier for her to see her, as she would call it, "Project".

I love this Library.  It has provided a friendly, safe, and creative environment for my little one to play.  We will be sad to leave it behind as we journey to Juneau, but I know that it will have helped mold some of her fondest memories, and nurtured her interests.  I hope that if you ever pass through the Vancouver Washington area you will stop by and see for yourself.  It is truly a gem.

Please share with me some of your favorite indoor play spots be it local or abroad.  I'd love to hear about them.  Who knows we just may find ourselves out that way someday.

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