Monday, March 24, 2014

Room To Grow

A cozy place to rest

Over the past year as my little one has grown, so has her room.  We live in an apartment and she needed some more room to play.  Since it's just her and I most of the time, we swapped rooms and I couldn't be happier with the move.  So I thought I'd share the evolution of her room, and perhaps you'll see why it's my favorite space in the house.

The reading nook
 This nook is made up of some of my favorite findings.  I found the black NWxSE pillow on the Dot & Bo website, the tree round pillow is from Etsy, and I made the clover pillow from Heather Ross fabric.  I purchased the Plaid blanket from Nordstroms on sale!  It's great for cuddling.  We got the "Toadstool" at a toy store in NW Portland. The star lamps are from Ikea.  I DIYed them with Martha Stuart glitter and decoupage glue.  Bits of blue still pop through, but I love the results.

"Hugo" the hedgehog Original painting by Emily W. Martin recreated by my sister Angeline
All sorts of sorts

While I love many things displayed on these shelves one of my new favorites has to be the Yellow Submarine Piggy Bank.
Old but new
I can recall as a child playing with a house just like this one at my grandmothers house, so you can imagine how it delights me to see my daughter playing with one.  However it is under new occupancy; Doc McStuffins and her crew have moved in.

The Collector
This is the focal point from Cecilia's bed.  The collection on this wall really do display many of her favorite things.  She loves these old timey keys from Pottery Barn, Butterflies (caterpillars actually but she enjoys the end result too) from a boutique in Bowling Green KY, but most of all her Pugs!  We recently gave our pug Sammy to my mom since we are moving to Alaska.  He is getting old and will be much happier staying here with her and her pug Olive.  So we adore this paper mache pug from Anthropologie, as a sweet memory of our dear puglet.  

I hope you have enjoyed looking around Cecilia's room.  What's your favorite space in your home?


  1. Seriously? When did you learn to do all this? DO MY ROOM NEXT KTHX

    1. Hey Matte,
      It's been a bit of an evolution, but it's been fun. Pinterest has been a great way to get multiple ideas out in the open and see what works best. I'd be happy to help you! Just send me a photo or two of something that inspires your space. I will look around, find some deals, and create an image board for you =)