Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Home is wherever I'm with you

If you were to hop on Pinterest and look up Military family photos you'll get all kinds of results; however I've yet to find a photo that I feel would best represent my family.  How do you portray a not so classic love story? You meet your spouse from another state, you get married, you move, you have a baby, you move…. so on and so forth.  I wanted something unique that would show how far we traveled to find one another, and the places we traveled that would richen our lives.  

I was born in Oregon, my husband from Kentucky, and our daughter was born in Washington.  We have plans to expand our family in the next year or so, and it's strange to know that the next child will be born in Alaska.  So I put together a Pin that I hope to fulfill my needs as well as the needs of many other traveling/military families.  

You can find shirts from your own states here: