Thursday, January 9, 2014

Juneau we're moving to Alaska?

A piece I commissioned my cousin Katrina Guillen to do for our new adventure in Alaska.
My hair kinda looks like Aurora Borealis don'tcha think?
  Juneau has presented our family with an opportunity for new beginnings, and is full of promise.  Every time I speak to my husband it's all we can talk about.  Counting the days till we can stand in awe of the beauty it has to offer.  I've always dreamt of living in Switzerland, and in a small way I feel my dream is coming true.  To be surrounded by snow capped mountains, fir trees, rushing rivers just sounds like heaven to me.  I can't wait to get back to nature and go exploring, hiking, fishing, sledding, and just enjoying every moment of it with my family.  My husband and I always said we wanted our daughter's life to be (quoting Away We Go) "Huck Finn-y", and I believe it will be just that.  Here's to the next great adventure.

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